Preparing for a life in the workplace
Early preparation
for life in the workplace.

How to pronounce "Schlich"
Steve Schlich's Internet Pages

an ongoing experiment in trial-and-error web design

The Wisdom of Dotard J. Drumpf
My 'Toons Page
Steve Schlich's Cartoon page

Donald Trump descrbes his presidency: very stupid people.
"We are led by very,
very stupid people."

in a rare moment
of introspection.

" island  surrounded by water... big water, ocean water."

Who knew?
Trump explians Puerto Rico

Estaban come Pollo con Mole 01-2017
On my final paid vacation,
Yo como pollo con molé en Guadalajara!

My Music Videos

A Humanist Prayer by Steve Schlich

Perfect Kitsch by Steve Schlich
Coconut Tree by Steve & Kit Schlch

Santa Cross - crucified

Diversity (Plutocrats and Pig Fuckers) by Steve Schlich

The Rapture Came and No One Went by Steve Schlich
A Humanist Prayer
A wish for world healing,
and a tribute to my sister.

Perfect Kitsch
For my wife, a woman
with the good taste
to appreciate bad taste.

Coconut Tree
A tale of rum, coconuts,
and a party under a tree.

Santa Claus crucified
by a confused Japanese
department store?
It's an urban legend.

R-rated chorus:
"Plutocrats and
pig fuckers..."

The Rapture came
and no one went!

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Buns of Stone, Breasts of Bronze Political Survivor Steve Schlich pitches his scripts Steve Schlich's short stories The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation Things That Go Bump in the Night
Naked Washington
My book on artsy
flesh in the capitol
The Political Apprentice
My Political Blog
Here I am,

Short Stories
a life-long passion
I'm webmaster for
my childhood hero!

My 1968 career as
a recording artist
Ought to be in Guiness...w Cat Stash Fever in Petaluma, CA

Cats Not Kids Steve & lava
World's Ugliest
Cat Stash fever
Water balloon
Katzen Lava trekking - Hawaii 2007

Schlichs Go Formal

Kit & Steve in Hawaii

Chris Conlon, poet
Schlich Family
Photo Album
Schlichs Go Formal Kit Schlich's
House of Kitsch
Parrot People Vic Schlich Poet

Who's on my Schlich List? Schlichs of the world.

Schlichs in print

Nice medal, no relation...

WWW (Wild, Weird, Wonderful) ...

Motels of Tuscon
The wonderfully tacky gallery
Motels of Tuscon includes
this one and 15 others.
MC Escher extraordinary art
MC Escher

That mind-blowing
artwork from your
60s college acid trip
MS Escher in Legos!
M.C. Escher's work
rendered in Legos.
What The Fuck?
, an online ranting
community. Spend time here
and you'll either be laughing
or crying ...maybe both.

Internet Fortune offer
Internet Fortune Offered!

"Request" is brilliant reading
of a classic email scam
...performance art
for the 21st century!

SF Mime Troupe Rduced Shakespeare Company
Wallis Simpson, Edward Windsor, Adolph Hitler
Iconic Photos (and how!)
Iceland's Penis Museum
Mr. Air Sickeness Bag at Vomitorium
Collectors of
airsickness bags

Mark Mofford
SF Gate Morning Fix
Wonderfully irreverent
take on the news

Red Mansion?
"Redneck Mansion" is
an outdoor theater set

People of WalMart - b very afraid
People of Wall-Mart

"Death Panels"
Dear old white people
I promise not to kill you
Please calm the fuck dow
Cat Ladders
Cat ladders of the world
Mix and match!  Who's who?
 Separated at birth?
An affront to monkeys everywhere
landscapes of food
by Carl Warner
Click on "Fotographics"
Pacific Trash Vortex
Pacific Trash Vortex

our plastic poison
Clockwork Insects
Clockwork Insects
Inflkatable Fruitcake
What's for Christmas this year?
A delicious inflatable fruitcake!
nailing jello to a wall
Nailing jello to a wall:
one of many excellent
projects described in
Defender of grammar!

Roadside America's link speaks for itself

pop-ear Martian

Kitsch emporium
Archie McPhee
sells rubber chickens,
pop-ear Martians
(pictured at left),
wind-up Godzillas,
tons of silly
and X-rated
and of course,
fake vomit.

Dead Tilapia from the Salton Sea
Buy a dead Tilapia fish
from the Salton Sea
...also offered: a
great documentary
and book
English Usage
Reference @
Dust Ball Vacuum by Dave Hakkens
Thoughtful designs by
engineer Dake Hakkens
including a robo-vacuum
ball that you can kick

Atomic Toys

An entire page of
children's toys from
that just-dawning
atomic age, the Fifties

Star Wars Uncut

Fans duplicate this classic
in hundreds of media,
merged into a single film

Typwriter gallery
Typewriter gallery
Philip K Dick android
Philip K Dick android

...stolen by replicants?

...YouTube video 
too damn cute!
...waaay too cute!
Cats That Look
Like Hitler

has real heart
as well as

Cockatoo Dancer
Tiny Dancer

This Cockatoo
rocks out to the
Backstreet Boys.

Eagle Owl at 1000 frames/secondEagle Owl at 1000 frames/second
Eagle Owl at 1000 frames/second

your body as a billboard

Human billboard:
It was only a
matter of time...
Resources for
Home Espresso

An obsessive treatise
on homebrew

75 Things a man Should Know How to Do
75 Skills That Every
Man Should Master

Esquire article includes:
Starting a fire, Ironing
a shirt
, Mixing a drink,
and Caressing a
woman's neck

1 of a kind stuff

For Sale: meteorites
& other wonders

Japanese Ouija Board
Japanese Ouija Board


Internet Traffic Report
Internet Traffic Report
World Wide Wait
considered as a
virtual traffic jam

Sleeping In Airports
A consumer-written guide

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness
Tech Docs Weirdness

Common Errors in English Usage

Virtual Sistine Chapel
Tour the Sistine Chapel without the crowds
or the quarter-mile trek through filthy luchre
Make an iPad stylus from a Clif bar!

Shu-u-ut Up!
Hilarious puppet Walt Mossberg
shows you how to make
an iPad stylus out of
a Clif Builder Bar

Education for the masses...

What, ME a Partisan?


Abuse from the Lord
Swearing Jesus

TV watchdogs masturbate

Watchdog group
conveniently presents
what NOT to watch

This site is certified 60% EVIL by the Gematriculator

This site is certified 40% GOOD by the Gematriculator

What Would God Say?
Church Sign Generator

Betty Bowers is as real as God herself...

"America's Best Christian"

Post-Rapture mailing service
Get ready for the Rapture

a post-event mailing service

Jesus Dress Up
Yikes! Just viewing
this page
will earn you
time in Purgatory


Get Your War On
Get Your War On
is even funnier in video!

Glen Beck attacks me—and you too
if you're on Facebook. Loads of fun...

penis envy

Bill O'Reilly wants you to shut up!
Bill O'Reilly wants
YOU to shut up!

Cats for Obama

Leave Sarah Alone!
Sarah Palin tribute page

"Leave Sarah aLONE!"
...and sooo much more...

Bill Maher: dickheads of 2007
Dickheads of 2007

You should cry, but Bill Maher
offers laughs. Take 'em!



Hall of Madness front page of Santa Rosa Press-Democrat August 31, 2009
On the Front Page, above the fold!

...but very small...
My letter to TIME magazine
my 2003 letter


A lawyer sues Big Food to get
trans fat out of the food chain

Also: SF Chronicle article


Your Twitter photos
can reveal your
home address and
current location to
total strangers.

How to stop doing that...


San Francisco Sports...

Giants baseball
Giants Virtual Dugout

"Deadeye" Matt Cain
knocks objects
out of the air

Moon over Candlestick
Moon over Candlestick

Wingsuit flyer
Wingsuit flyer hits 150 mph

49ers football
SF Chronicle & Examiner
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
George Seifert page

NFL in general
ESPN SportsZone
CNN / Sports Illustrated

Great Sportswriters
Ray Ratto
T.J. Simers @ LA Times

Ego Search

My fiction is listed here: as Steve and as Stephen 
 Deutschen Spekulative Fiktion Datenbank

 Locus SF Database

Naked Washington is described here:
 Shining Light in Dark Corners (Christian Right Archives)

I Google, therefore I am: quotes me on my birthday!

Stunning Graphics

...a well-named,
graphics intensive,
space exploration site

Interesting Images 
Waving 3-D Flags
 Magic Eye & more 
... & the dark side:
 Museum of Bad Art 


Mother of all conspiracy theories
: This mother of all conspiracy theories
unifies the hoaxes of Christianity, 9/11, and all 20th-century
wars (engineered by the world banking community).
Over-the-top? Absolutely. Compelling, too. YOU decide!
Fair warning: Plays on your computer but it's 2 hours long.

Steve Schlich's Video Fest

Miscellaneous Strangeness

  • Lawrence Welk does Brewer & Shipley
  • Marketing the Sopranos way
  • Face plant at the cop shop
  • The future, circa 1959

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  • Cleaning the elephant cage
  • Even Stevphen (Carell & Colbert)
  • This Week in God

Saved for a Rainy Day

Tech Writing Resume
Technical Writing Resume
Mars at 60 million miles
Googling Mars
Enchanting Venice
Venice's Cornaro Riviera

Old & In the Way (defunct sites that were great)

Godzilla 2000 home page with trailer The Tao of Steve Bomarzo stone face A German village named Schlich  A German village named Schlich
Godzilla 2000
Toho Studios rehabilitates
the beloved monster after
1998's American travesty
The Tao of Steve
This movie reveals
ALL my secrets!
Bomarzo Sacred Gardens
Unusual subject, writing,
and web site design.
A village named Schlich

terrorist finger puttets for kids!
finger puppets
for kids!

Too Much Coffee Man
Too Much Coffee Man

Too Much Coffee Man
An appropriate hero for the caffeinated Nineties. And a glorious throwback to the head comix of the Sixties

Democrats, pay attention! Countdown to President Guiliani
video treat: Countdown to
President Giuliani calendar