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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents 
Introduction: Exposing Washington

Flesh Factors Explained
Orientation Maps: You Are Here
Essay: Why This Book?
Essay: History of Minnie-Lou
Union Station Soldiers
Columbus Fountain

The Court of Neptune
Library of Congress’ Great Hall

Evolution of the Book
Prosperity, Corruption, Anarchy
The Sirens of Science
Walker’s Poetic Lunettes
Essay: Schizoid Washington

Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden

Picasso’s Pregnant Woman
Maillol’s Naked Symbolism
Self-Portrait with Model
Matisse: Back times Four
Seated Yucatan Woman
Warrior of Montauban
Heroic Standing Woman
A Surreal Look at Life
Art as Clear as Mud
Rodin's Painful Art
Essay: Art or Pornography?

Congressional Cemetery
Vinnie Ream Hoxie
Arts of War, Arts of Peace

John Ericsson Monument
Bacchante and Bacchus
Woman’s Best Friend, too
Maidens of Mystery
Poetry, Music, Painting, Sculpture
Carpeaux’s Sea Urchins
Cherubs with Lyre and Swan
Max Ernst’s Capricorn
GW’s Scandalous Toga
Guglielmo Marconi Memorial
Dupont Memorial Fountain
Essay: Mysterious Erections Explained
Joseph Darlington Fountain
Boy Scout Memorial
Navy Yard Urns
Baron von Steuben Memorial
Theme Map: Naked Walking Tour
Theme Map: Where’s Willie?
Theme Map: Naughty Metaphor Tour
Theme Map: Horses' Asses
Essay: Inspiration for this book
U.S. Grant Memorial Cavalry Group
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