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Naked Ambition
The Story That Launched This Book

In February 2002, the Justice Department spent $8,000.00 on curtains to cover up one Art Deco aluminum breast. Good Lord! At that rate, it would cost millions to censor the hundreds of breasts, buttocks, and penises on public display in Washington, D.C.—at least those which are sculpted and stationary.

I know this because Associated Press reporter Calvin Woodward wrote a funny and informative story about all the faux flesh that is exposed around Washington, D.C. These public privates are omnipresent and can make for interesting questions posed by six-year olds to their parents.

Calvin Woodward's AP story
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Calvin Woodward's AP story
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John Ashcroft, the Attorney General whose sensibilities were offended by the aluminum breast, may avert his eyes many times each day, to avoid seeing any of the 32 uncensored privates in the department of Justice corridors. President George W. Bush, who appointed Ashcroft, may find himself gazing at a penis not his own on any given day, simply by looking at the full-frontal nudity of a Flathead Indian in a painting just a few paces outside his Oval Office in the White House.

Never has sin been so tempting.

Eight for-God's-sake Thousand dollars for curtains to cover a statue? This taxpayer-supported censorship offended me. It still does. But Calvin Woodward showed me how to laugh about it. When I sent him email, he sent back advice and encouragement. Later that year, I flew to Washington and photographed every naked statue I could find. You are now viewing the result. Click on one of the links above, and if you are connected to the internet, you can view the inspiration.

Peace on you, Cal.

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