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Every link on this page leads to another page on this CD, or to a web page on the internet. Click the link to jump to its destination. Caveat: Web pages may cease to exist without warning. In many cases, I saved their contents in my notes. If you’re curious, write and ask me ... or for instant results, “Google” the artist’s name as I did.

Researching this book on the internet was a heady adventure. Just like Hemingway's cats, one web page link leads to another. I wound up incidentally reading up on such diverse subjects as the 1527 Sack of Rome, the 17th-century Machine of Marly, and the 2002 draping of Picasso's Guernica at the United Nations just to kill photo opportunities like the one that inspired this book. I learned to my liberal chagrin that this blatant act of censorship may in fact be a myth. So learning is good; it helps us discover whether our convictions are worth holding so fiercely.

listed by title and author

Art in the United States Capitol prepared by the Architect of the Capitol, 1978 United States Government Printing Office

Compilation of Works of Art and Other Objects in the United States Capitol prepared by the Architect of the Capitol, 1965 United States Government Printing Office

A Garden for Art: Outdoor Scultpture at the Hirshhorn Museum by Valerie J. Fletcher, 1998 Smithsonian Institution

Handbook of the New Library of Congress in Washington compiled by Herbert Small, 1897 Curtis and Cameron

Labor of Love: The Life & Art of Vinnie Ream by Glenn V. Sherwood, 1997 SunShine Press Publications

The Library of Congress and Its Mural Decorations (red cloth hardback), author and publication date unknown

The New Deal for Artists by Richard D. McKinzie, 1973 Princeton University Press

The Outdoor Statues of Washington, D.C. by James M. Goode, 1974 Smithsonian Institution Press

Sculpture and the Federal Triangle by George Gurney, 1985 Smithsonian Institution Press

Sexual Personae by Camille Paglia, 1990 Yale University Press

When the Drummers Were Women by Layne Redmond, 1997 Three Rivers Press

Washington Itself by E.J. Applewhite, 1981 Alfred E. Knopf

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Off-the-Wall Links

Composite photo of John Ashcroft, built from hundreds of tiny pornographic photos 

Giant Naked Statues built by a dentist and erected in Auburn, California 

Reference to a political movie "Naked Washington" at (scroll down halfway)

Singing group Bare Naked Statues 

Web Links
listed by artist and artwork

Herbert Adams: Minervas of Peace and War (page 11)
Elbredge Gerry marble statue
1911 Encyclopedia biography

Capitol Hill and the National MallJohn W. Alexander: Egyptian Heiroglyphics & Picture Writing (page 12)
Biography at
Biography from Caldwell Gallery

George Randolph Barse, Jr: Erotica (page 3)
Anonymous, excellent biography
John Singer Sargent's Head of a Capri Girl - was she wife of G.W.Barse?
Bio & Artwork - George Glazer Gallery

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle: The Great Warrior of Montauban (page 23)
Penelope (statue) at the Kimbell Art Museum
Artwork at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Poetry/prose about Bourdelle the photographer and sculptor
Scvulpture in Fukuoka, Japan

Alexander Calder: Rearing Stallion & Aztec Josephine Baker (page 50)
Biography at the Hirshhorn site - and entire site on the artist

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux: Girl With a Shell & Neopolitan Fisherboy (page 38)
French site about the artist
Biography by Clark Art Institute

Clodion (Claude Michel): Poetry and Music (page 37)
Brief biography from Columbia Encyclopedia
Biography by Web Gallery of Art
National Gallery of Art article on Poetry and Music

Donald DeLue: Boy Scout Memorial (page 46)
Web Portrait on
Intelligent editorial from Seattle Times
Ideological essay from

Max Ernst: Capricorn (page 40)
International Dada Archive at the University of Iowa Libraries
Extensive biographical and archival links from

James Earle Fraser: Jon Ericsson Monument (page 32), The Arts of Peace (page 31)
Extensive biography from
Fraser bio on the Augustus Saint-Gaudens website

Daniel Chester French: DuPont Memorial Fountain (page 43)
Extensive archive of art created by Douglas Yeo of the Boston Symphony
Official site of Chesterwood, sculptor's summer home, studio and garden
Biography and links at

Leo Friedlander: The Arts of War (page 31)
National Park Service site about Arlington Memorial Bridge
Site about Friedlander's Roger Williams Memorial

Horatio GreenoughHoratio Greenough: George Washington (page 41)
Biography and links at
History of the Washington statue at

Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden (pages 17-27)
Official site

Albert Jaegers: Baron von Steuben Memorial (page 48)
Brief biography
Praise for von Steuben's methods at

Carl Paul Jennewein: Minnie-Lou, The Spirit of Justice (page 6 & page 7) & Darlington Memorial (page 45)
A Blue Burka for Justice
Justice Curtains Naked Statues

Heritage Preservation Society saved Darlington Fountain
Medals available to buy

Willem de Kooning: Clamdigger (page 27)
Biography by Hirshhorn Museum
Biography by Doubletake Gallery

Gaston Lachaise, Heroic Standing Woman (page 24)
Exhibition chronology by Salander-O'Reilly Galleries
Biography and catalog at
Essay: Lachaise's Sculptures of Women
e.e. cummings essay - search for "Lachaise"

Benjamin Henry Latrobe: Latrobe Cenotaphs in Congressional Cemetery (page 29)
Biography at Latrobe's America website
Congressional Cemetery website history of cenotaphs
History of Latrobe's designs for the Capitol building

Machine de Marly sketchPierre Legros: Cherubs Playing with a Lyre (page 39)

Jean-Louis Lemoyne: A Companion of Diana (page 35)
Brief biography by euroweb

Aristide Maillol: Nymph, Summer, Venus, Action in Chains (page 19)
An entire book on Maillol by Ryozo Himino (published in Japan, 2001)
Biography by Smithsonian Magazine

Paul Manship: Diana and a Hound (page 35)
Biography by National Portrait Gallery
Manship's designs of Irish currency
Biography and scultpures at Hofstra Museum
Cornish Colony of Artists in New Hampshire

Giacomo Manzu: Self-Portrait with Model at Bergamo (page 20)
Biography by Estorick Collection
Japanese website biography
Survey of his work at

Benoit Massou / Anselmé Flamen / Nicolas Rebillé: A Garden Allegory: The Dew and Zephyr Cultivating Flowers (page 36)
17 century high tech: the Creation of Versailles
Description of the sculpture by National Gallery of Art

Robert Mills: Washington Monument (page 50)
Biography and resources by G.E. Kidder Smith. Looking at Architecture
Monumental Church in Richmond, VA
Washington Monument links from National Park Service

Henri Matisse: Back I, Back II, Back III, Back IV (page 21)
Biography and inventory from Hirshhorn
Biography and survey of his work from WebMuseum
Biography, survey and links from Lucidcafé Library
The Wild Beasts from Matisse and the Fauves
Biography from

Joan Miro: Portion of Gothic Personage, Bird-Flash (page 50)
Extensive bio and links from The Artchive
Bio and links from Olga's Gallery
Bio and art for sale

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Henry Moore: Draped Reclining Figure & Seated Woman (page 25)
Bio and art list from Hirshhorn
Bio and art for sale
at Masterworks Fine Art
The Henry Moore Foundation - a registered charity

Claes Oldenburg: Soft Drainpipe Red (Hot) Version (page 50) and <clarinet> (page 33)
Official website of Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen
Bio on
Bio on
Bio from Guggenheim

Augustin Pajou: Calliope (page 36)
Art description and from National Gallery
Brief web page on the muse Calliope
Another brief page listing all the muses

Court of Neptune in snowRoland Hinton Perry: The Court of Neptune (page 10)
Perry's Ride of the Valkyries
Restoration of Taft Bridge Lions in D.C.

Pablo Picasso: Pregnant Woman (page 18)
Guernica from Olga's Gallery
Online Picasso project extensive survey of his work
Bio from

Attilio Piccirilli: Guglielmo Marconi Memorial (page 42)
Picirilli art from 3D Panama Pacific International Exhibition
Biography from The Columbia Encyclopedia

Barthelemy Prieur: Justice (page 36)
National gallery of Art description of the work
History of Nantes, France

Vinnie Ream (Hoxie): Sappho (page 30)
New York Times artcle, January 7, 1871: Miss Ream's Lincoln
Arlington Cemetery bio and photos
Publicity for excellent book "Labor of Love"

Auguste Rodin: Walking Man (page 17)
Hirshhorn "In Depth" page on the artist
Paris musem: Musée Auguste Rodin
Excellent survey of Rodin's work
Biography and timeline at
Art for sale at

Jacopo Sansovino (crafted in the style of): Bacchus and a Fawn (page 34)
Biography and portrait

Walter Shirlaw: The Sciences Mathematics, Zoology & Chemistry (page 14)
1896 $5 Silver Certificate designed by Shirlaw
Extensive description, text and photos, of Shirlaw's money designs

Henry Merwin Shrady: Ulysses S. Grant Memorial (page 55)
Shrady's Buffalo scultpures at National Museum of Wildlife Art
Shrady links at

Page about the Grant Memorial

Louis Saint-Gauden: Union Station soldiers (page 8)
Page about Union Station

Struthers: Lt. John T. McLaughlin Memorial (page 2, page 29 & page 50)
No links found for this artist.

Lorado Z. Taft: Columbus Fountain (page 9)
Columbus Mounument page

Jean-Pierre-Antoine Tassaert: Painting and Sculpture (page 37)
National gallery page on the artwork
Self portrait sculptured bust


Machine de MarlyJean-Baptiste Tubi: Cherubs Playing with a Swan (page 39)
Science of Art page discusses the lead content of this artwork links page

24-page PDF on Louis XIV and Versailles

Text and drawings of the Machine of Marly

Elihu Vedder: Government of the Republic lunettes Prosperity, Corruption and Anarchy (page 13)
Page on Vedder's art for The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
Biography and Rubiat illustrations
Anarchy lives in the Library of Congress! from Mondo DC

Henry O. Walker: poetic lunettes The Muse of Lyric Poetry, Ganymede, Endymion, Uriel, Adonis (page 15)
Page on Cornish Arts Colony in New Hampshire
Massachusetts Hall of Flags includes Walker's Mayflower Pilgrims

Calvin Woodward's 2002 story on Naked Statues in Washington for the Associated Press
Cincinnati Enquirer archives

Francisco Zuniga: Seated Yucatan Woman (page 22)
Biography at
Biography and art for sale at

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