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WTOP Naked Washington Tour
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Buns of Stone, Breasts of Bronze

I have a story to tell!
The Court of Neptune at the Library of Congress

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Naked Washington
is a book on a CD...

40 articles on 54 web pages

over 90 works of art
each with its own story
and a printable map

150 photos • 4 theme maps

7 articles on the politics and humor
of art in Washington, D.C.

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Breasts, buttocks and penises are on display in Washington, D.C.
 in bronze, granite, limestone, gold leaf, and oil paint.

The place is a virtual den of iniquity! In a single day, you can visit:

  • The Court of Neptune, where a gallery of anatomically correct nymphs and tritons cavort in spraying water and full public view
  • The Boy Scout Memorial, where an oversized naked man stalks a fully-clothed scout a few hundred feet from the White House
  • The Library of Congress, where tastefully lurid art covers the walls and ceilings, featuring bare breasts and provocative titles such as “Corrupt Legislation” and “Anarchy"
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Take a tour you'll never forget—where the privates are all public!

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I have a story to tell!

Naked Washington
Places to go

- a story about each sculpture
- a map to each location
Union Station
Columbus Fountain

Library of Congress
Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden
Congressional Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery
John Ericsson Monument
National Gallery of Art
Memorial Bridge
National Museum of American Art
Guglielmo Marconi Memorial
Dupont Circle
Judiciary Square
President's Park
Lafayette Park
Theme Maps
Naked Walking Tour
Where’s Willie?
Naughty Metaphors
Horses' Asses