BOOK PROPOSAL: Naked Washington
Buns of Stone, Breasts of Bronze

Neptune's Court
Court of Neptune outside the Library of Congress

In February 2002, the Department of Justice purchased $8,000 curtains to cover an Art Deco statue whose aluminum breast was embarassing Attorney General John Ashcroft.

That sounded like a burka... purchased with my taxes!

So I flew to Washington and photographed every naked statue I could find. Then I researched an interesting story to go along with each work of art.

If you are a publisher—or if you know one who might be interested—help me publish the photos and stories in a book!

...Stephen Schlich

online mini-proposal
Table of Contents
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Boy Scout Monument
...where a naked man stalks a clothed scout

Why This Book?
...politics makes me a strange bedfellow

Nearly-Naked Washington
...the original GW's scandalous toga

Schizoid Washington
...the best of cities, the worst of cities

The Court of Neptune
...where naked nymphs and tritons
romp in the spray

Exposing Washington
...observing a Theater of the Absurd

This book deserves a publisher!

the full proposal36 color pages !

~ sample photos below ~

Judiciary Square

Memorial Bridge East

Contents of the Proposal

The Pitch: Why Publish this Book?
...including the author’s credentials

Exposing Washington

The Naked Truth
Key to the Flesh Factor Ratings

Nearly-Naked Washington
GW’s Scandalous Toga

Where’s Willie?
Theme Map: Penises

The Navy Gets Naughty
Navy Yard Urns

Genesis + Evolution
Commentary: Why This Book?

Girls of the DOJ
Commentary: History of Minnie-Lou

Junior GIs Christian Temperance Club
Boy Scout Memorial

War Imitates Art—Not
The Arts of War & The Arts of Peace

Pioneer Sculptress
Vinnie Ream Hoxie Memorial

Schizoid Washington
Commentary: Tale of Two Cities

Wet! Nude! Statues!
The Court of Neptune

The Rest of the Book (list of additional subjects)
...including a Market Analysis

National Gallery East

Congressional Cemetery

Library of Congress