Theater of the Absurd
Exposing Washington

Naked Washington
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The United States government is a multiple-personality disorder, relentlessly acted out by a cast of thousands.

High Drama collides with Low Comedy, as wealthy patricians—who were elected to represent the common man—juggle their principles, needs, desires, and consciences. All this while walking the high wire of public opinion.

Nowhere are conflicting morals contrasted better than here. Architectural tastes, too. Lurid art stands ass-to-eyeballs with statesmen and tourists alike.

And of course, there’s the Art. What was naughty to Victorians and Depression-era artists seems quaint by present-day standards. And what seemed quaint to them can draw a chorus of embarassed present-day guffaws.

Politics meets Art.
Politics versus Art.
Politics as Art.

Politics as Theater of the Absurd...
...and Washington, D.C. as its perfect stage.

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