Tale of Two Cities
Schizoid Washington

Naked Washington
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Washington, D.C. is a schizophrenic place, and that condition only begins with Republicans vs. Democrats.

The government that you elected is afraid of you. The people who make decisions about your life, do so inside an armored fishbowl. From the President on down, the officials who want to be your friend at election time govern from behind heavy concrete barriers and police lines. At the same time and in a seeming contradiction, they conduct their business and their lives under the closest scrutiny in the world.

You could consider it the longest-running live broadcast in history.

The Campus

A map of the region will tell you that the District of Columbia and the U.S. Capital city of Washington are the same. Wrong. They occupy the same physical space, but that's a technicality. These two places don't even qualify as parallel universes.

  • The District of Columbia is an urban region whose residents are mostly Black and lower class. The elite are middle class.
  • The Capital Area (a “Royal Campus” which encompasses the Capitol Building and the White House) is a police state frequented by the mostly White and upper class. The elite are multimillionaires.

The casual tourist must struggle mightily to exist in both worlds at once. The usual result: a brisk walk-with-blinders past the urban squalor of D.C., with wide eyes focused on the whitewashed wonder of the capitol.

The District

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