by Stephen Schlich

How lucky is Lucy Irish? She is Television's most successful -- and most feared -- game show contestant. She's won cars, money and an apartment full of furniture. But she can't win love.

How lucky is Lucy Irish? Runaway cars swerve to avoid her. Plummeting pianos miss their target. Disaster and misfortune can't touch her, but they surround her like a minefield of week-old banana peels.

It's lonely in there. Nobody gets close. Once people understand Lucy's “talent,” they run like hell. If they're still standing.

Tabloid TV personality Johnnie Heraldo stalks her. He wants her on his show In Your Face!, but he can't get past the mishaps that swirl around her like a hurricane of water balloons.

Accident-prone gymnast Doobie Daniels loves her, but he can't vault the Teflon wall she's built around herself.

When she finally meets Handsome Bill Barton, the game show host she secretly loves, her talent nearly kills him. Until she discovers that he has some of it, too.

He's immune. He's been looking for her, too. He proposes.

Lucky Lucy and Handsome Bill make a devilish love match: their combined talent wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting world. When it threatens to kill people, Lucy realizes that she must abandon the love of her life.

She strikes out on her own -- and strikes out. Trying to win friends, she attracts only people who would exploit her. Attempting to do good, she spreads chaos. The police throw her in jail to protect the public safety.

Handsome Bill comes to her rescue, but now he wants to exploit her talent too. With or without her consent. And he's immune to her natural protection.

Betrayed, imprisoned and deprived of the luck that she's relied upon all her life, Lucy must rescue herself with an inner strength she never needed to develop. Her only allies are the accident-prone gymnast who loves her and the sleezebag reporter who hates her guts.

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