Glenn Poulin
family friend since 1950s


Your father touched a lot more people than you know. Recently, I spoke to the mother of a dear friend who passed a decade ago and mentioned 'Vic Schlich's' passing. "Vic Schlich? The newsman?"

She remembered your dad when he was on TV way back before you and I were born. He must have made quite an impression for that was 50+ years ago.

Your dad made an impression on me as well.

I was terrified of him when I was a kid! The booming voice! The quick temper! His strong sense of right and wrong!

As a kid I remember always wanting to know how much things cost. I still do. I guess it's my way of learning about the world. Anyway, you told me your father made a comment about that once. "Why does he always want to know how much we paid for things!?" He was pissed and that scared the hell out of me.

I couldn't appreciate your father's direct, no nonsense approach until many years later. I could always count on a straight answer from him, whether it be advice, words of wisdom, or playful teasing.

You are your Dad, Steve. And that's why I am proud to have known him and to have you as a friend.