Steve's Video Festival
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Looking for Bill O'Reilly's Inside Edition meltdown?
Search YouTube and you'll find a dozen videos!

Mother of all conspiracy theories
: This mother of all conspiracy theories
unifies the hoaxes of Christianity, 9/11, and all 20th-century
wars (engineered by the world banking community).
Over-the-top? Absolutely. Compelling, too. YOU decide!
Fair warning: Plays on your computer but it's 2 hours long.

The Daily Show / Colbert Report

What's worse than having your head up your ass?

Steve Carell & Stephen Colbert, together again!

This Week in God trashes Scientology ...and more!

Ed Helms mind-fucks a homophobe...

Lawrence Welk does Brewer & Shipley

Marketing the Sopranos way

Hurts So Good ...Search YouTube for "face plant"

The future, circa 1959 (requires Flash player)

Morph animation of comet Hartley 2