Let me pitch you a screenplay...


your sexiest fantasy
came true...

but you couldn't
make it stop!


Be careful of what you want.

Did you dream about getting the high school prom queen — or being her? Take a romp through the temporary insanity now hitting the largest generation in history.

MID-LIFE CRISIS tells the tale of a small-town druggist who longs to be more than
Mr. Nobody in the middle of nowhere... until his wish comes true.

It's the story of a big-name sexpot who can't escape the curse of her beauty...
until this middle-aged nobody shows her how.

It's about how people view us, how we view ourselves, and who we really are.

MID-LIFE CRISIS is a feature-length comedy.
Let me send you the screenplay... with a release.

If you don't like the first five pages, throw it out!

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