by Stephen Schlich

How does a middle-aged pharmacist living a nice, safe life in a small town get involved with an actress young enough to be his daughter?

WALTER SLOANE dreams of being somebody as he fills prescriptions in the back of his dreary little Ma-and-Pa drug store. TIFFANY BLOOM is a gorgeous and popular star stuck on a silly little movie shoot in the middle of nowhere. Frustrated and bored, she walks off the set -- and into Walter's pharmacy.

Walter's her biggest fan, but he's shocked to discover that she's a spoiled brat. When he refuses to kiss her butt, she takes it as a challenge: she'll corrupt and seduce this little man she can't get.

Tiffany gets him, all right -- gets him kicked out of the house by his wife, treating her to expensive dates, taking out a second mortgage on his store to support this new Hollywood lifestyle. And she gets him on the front page of the National Inquisitor.

She turns Walter's life -- and the sleepy town of Supine, California -- upside down.

But they bond because they're both unfulfilled. Walter wants a little excitement before he fades into old age in the middle of nowhere. Tiffany wants to do Shakespeare. The problem is, she's got a body better suited to beach movies.

So when Walter stumbles on her career-ending secret -- Tiffany may be a sex bomb star, but she's really a closet lesbian -- he doesn't take advantage. He's got honor.

But she's ruined him financially. It's inevitable that they break up because they're so different. He's left with nothing: no girlfriend, no high life, and a marriage on the rocks. To top if off, the bank forecloses on him when they discover how he's been spending his second mortgage.

The tabloids offer salvation: big, big money if he'll reveal the secrets they're sure Tiffany is hiding. What are they? Walter must choose between accepting his own ruin -- and ruining Tiffany's career. He can't do it -- he's still got his integrity.

On her way out of town, Tiffany learns that Walter kept her secret and pays off his bills. He goes home to reconcile with his wife. It might happen -- she knows deep down that he didn't cheat on her. And he didn't. Given the chance, he couldn't perform!

We leave Walter on the sidewalk in Supine, signing autographs for the same teenagers who used to laugh at him while he stood behind the counter of his store, dreaming of being someone. Now he is.

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